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Insurance transcription services

Our multi-faceted insurance transcription services cover every type of document used in the sector. We’ve served stakeholders and professionals such as claim adjusters, insurance brokers, attorneys, and many more around the world with high accurate end product. Clients count on us for quick 24-hour cycles turnarounds for super quality transcripts. Our 5000+transcribers provide verbatim precision that is unrivalled by our competitors. With us, you will get express delivery, reasonable pricing, security and confidentiality.


We provide first-rate insurance transcripts that are beyond reproach. Apart from our ISO-certification, we’ve incorporated a 6-phased quality sieving process that purges every taint before the final work is sent. What’s more, our insurance transcription service is user-friendly, straightforward uploading and unrestricted monitoring to your project underway. 

Since venturing in the industry decades ago, we carved out a niche for bespoke insurance transcription. Our brilliant pool of transcriptionists will give suitable recommendations and ensure you optimize every piece. Our transcription for case reports, claims and dictation solutions have seen us emerge us the industry’s best insurance transcription service provider in the US and yonder. 

Insurance transcription companies

Superb quality insurance transcription services come in handy for professionals within the industry as we hammer out claims, record statements, dictations, reports and case paperwork with high accuracy. Insurance companies, agents, brokers and many others rely on our broad scope of speech-to-text dictation formats for optimum convenience. 

Get your voice-to-text transcript in any format by sending as your raw recordings or files. Our transcribers listen keenly to each recording before changing the audio/video into literal-accurate transcript. What’s more we know the importance of safeguarding trove materials such as recorded claims and pieces of evidence to be adduced in court. 

Our transcribers are well-acquainted with the difficulties associated with insurance transcriptions, for instance, poor quality, background noises and over-phone interview difficulties. We apply a surgical approach to capture every word and germane info. Join 500+US Insurance agents who have benefited heavily from our tiptop quality transcriptions.    


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