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We Also Provide Different Kinds Of Services For Clients


Need to translate anything? Search no further. We handle translations in 100+world languages with tiptop quality for a flat pro rata rate of $25/page.

Voice Over

Voicing your audio visual content can transform your message to irresistible pitch. Our rich voice talent repertoire from $128 is down to earth, high accuracy guarantee for large bulk orders and breakneck TATs.


Grappling with a mountain of typing? Don’t scratch your head anymore. For all your large-sized typing batches, entrust our 24/7 professionals for 100% satisfaction guarantee, timely delivery and definitive solutions. Cough up no more, rates capped at $2/unformatted pages and $3 for formatted text. Our first-rate audio typing services are available at the lowest market rates Starting at $0.69/min

Closed Captioning/Subtitling

Etch your video messages behind all target audiences mind with our synchronized, accurate and intelligent captions and subtitles. With a meager $1/min for English, from $7 in other dialects.Verbatim-accurate, super rush TAT cycles, and 24/7 solutions for movie trailers, TV shows, eLearning materials or ads, our service bundles fantabulous quality and cost-efficiency.

Video Services

Videos have the unique power to drive any point home. We are a world-class video services provider, catering for a vast realm of specialties such as:

Video Animation

Join us for imaginative, creative and trove animation clips, from $60.

Video Spokesperson

Pick out cream of the crop and award-winning video spokespersons from $60. Erudition, ingenuity and excellence to empower your work.

Video Editing

Our video production houses proof-listeners and editors who can fine-tune clips to ignite any viewer’s attention incessantly, from $60.

Video Production

We commingle acoustic science, audiovisual engineering and exceptional dexterity to carve out high-end videos. We can stick to strict deadlines, charge within your budget and exhibit outstanding prowess in videos.

We can be partners in growing your business, we will be delighted to help.

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