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After you endorse quote, we bill you, pay via debit/credit/PayPal.

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Overnight transcription services

Transcription services is a company that works on your overnight transcription while you sleep. Leave the worries to us, our overnight transcription services team will deliver the document to your email by the start of business the next day. Rest assured that your project is in capable hands, transcribing your audio or video text consistently, precisely, and quickly. After a good night’s rest, check your email in the morning for the end product. Impress your colleagues, clients, and friends with the overnight transcription material that exceeds your expectation.


We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that provides overnight transcription services with our network of professional and experienced transcribers located around the globe. Regardless of what time zone you are in while you are sleeping, we have transcribers that are wide-awake putting their first-rate skills to work.   An officer-in-charge will evaluate your file to determine the subject matter, the quality and length of the audio, and the inflections of the speaker. With the information, he will choose the suitable transcriber that will complete the overnight transcription document.

Overnight transcription service

Our overnight transcription service is available to individuals, small to large businesses, legal, medical, academe, media, finance, and insurance. We handle your project with a high level of competence and reliability to ensure that our overnight transcription service will accurately reflect the audio’s content.

We provide a free sample and a free quote on our transcription service. Our clients can feel at ease that their file is secure. Data is encrypted with a 128-bit SSL to protect it from hackers. Only the transcriber that is assigned to work on your project has access to your file. Our employees are bound by a non-disclosure agreement to prevent leaking of information. After the overnight transcription had been completed and submitted it will be deleted from our databank unless you require us to keep a copy.

Overnight transcription companies

We do not keep a file of any information on your payment, this is passed directly to a third party for processing.

Aside from transcription we provide other services that include translation, closed captioning and subtitling, typing and video production.   Experience the quality of service that click for transcription provides by being counted as one of the customers that we had served.


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