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Our Workflow Model:How it Works?

Benefit from our first quality transcription services

Upload onto an encrypted server. Look at your inbox for verification email.

Confirmation Email

You'll get a verification mail; Upon reviewing, we email rates and TAT details

Pay Electronically

After you endorse quote, we bill you, pay via debit/credit/PayPal.

Receive Output

Have peace of mind, we always deliver a faultless by email.

Quality transcript

A high-quality transcript can be only provided by a quality transcriber. A single mistake like a misused word can alter the facts and could make a difference in winning or losing an adjudication. It could also result in a huge financial loss to a business if the audio or video text was not properly converted into a written text. Accuracy matters in a quality transcription. Providing a quality transcript requires skill, a dependable system, and an overachieving attitude to place all the pieces together in their proper order.


Transcription 1 is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company that provides quality transcription that meets world class standards, reliability and quality is a must in every material that we prepare. This begins by hiring the best transcriptionists and tying this up with strong customer support.   Our transcribers are highly skilled, well-trained, and are familiar with the transcription industry. We invest a substantial amount of time in enlisting competent transcribers and invest in training. We have the latest technology that is utilized by our transcribers to provide a quick completion of a project and keep the cost at a reasonable flat rate Starting at $0.69/min.   We put emphasis on customer satisfaction and profit next. For the convenience of our customers, we simplified our ordering process into three simple steps. Upload your audio or video text, pay online, and expect a quality transcript in your email.

High quality transcription

Transcription 1 is capable of providing a high quality transcription service in any niche. We understand the basic needs of organizations that hire the services of a transcription company. They look for a company that has the ability to communicate quickly; provide accuracy, quality work, confidentiality; and prices that are reasonable.  Through the years of providing high quality transcription service, we had earned the trust and confidence of clients in various fields that include Healthcare, Government Agencies, Business, Legal, Insurance, Media, and Finance     .

Get hold of our free trial offer and experience the quality transcription that we provide. On top of this, we will give you a free cost estimate for your project.  We ensure that all safeguards are in place to secure the documents of our clients. Both transmitted and received files are encrypted with a 128-bit SSL as a protection against hackers. Our staff is bound by a non-disclosure agreement to avoid any leak of information. We do not stock any information on your payment, we pass this directly to a third party.

Before we submit a translated document we proofread this and correct errors.   Be counted as one of our customers who had experienced the type of quality transcription that we do.


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