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Starting at $0.69/min

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Online same day transcription

We provide 24-Hrs online same day transcription turnarounds with advance-scheduling beforehand to adhere to every requirement and deadline.  Check out our TAT packages and pay less, Starting at $0.69/min.  

With an extensive network of 10,000+ professional transcribers, quality managers and proofreaders, division of labor and specialization allows us to be fast, accurate and meritorious. 


Harness professional online same day transcription for video or audio files. We inject unbeatable value and give bold transcription guarantees for any project. We don’t renege any of our 24 Hrs TAT promises, not quality, high accuracy and punctuality.    

Same day transcription services

Busy professionals grappling with strict deadlines, businesses and those who can’t take countenance with belated delivery or substandard work and experts in many fields need our same day transcription services. We partner with world-class brands for business executive transcription, research transcription, multi-media and corporate presentations.    

 Same day transcription services mean you receive first-class quality within 24 hours or even earlier. Our transcribers are mother-tongue linguists in 100+languages. Our flexible TAT packages meet the needs of different clients.  Same Day Transcription TAT


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