Terms and Conditions

We Abide By The Rules

Refund Policy

1.This refund policy applies within 15 days upon the delivery of work.

2.If the project is returned after the 15-day period, a surcharge applies with 30% for proofreading and 50% for rework. These shall be based on file length or page count.

3.This policy applies only for Category A (Excellent) and B (Good) quality document or audio files.

4.We reserve the right to conduct additional proofreading of the work before we submit a final request for refund.

5.The request shall be based on the results of the review to determine if there is indeed a failure on our part to maintain quality standards. Clients are required to provide a copy of the file.

6.We reserve the right to disregard refund requests for files submitted that are of poor quality handwriting or poor quality audio files, including Rush orders.

7.The guarantee of high accuracy shall not apply to poor quality files and rush orders. We also shall refuse rework for these poor file quality conditions.

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