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Rush and Super Rush Services

Our rush/super rush TATs are characterized by literal accuracy and down to earth transcriptions, valuable and punctual. Do you need professional transcripts delivered overnight or same-day, in a few hours or days? We dedicate ourselves to breakneck turnarounds at low-costs. Talk to our 24/7 Customer Desk.


Numerous satisfied clients

With a record-setting Customers hitherto, we pre-dominate the transcription sector through our inborn dexterity and outstanding acuity. The world’s most trusted transcription perspective; clients troop our halls for varying needs. To get familiar with some of our customers, you can navigate through the client index available here.


Countless number of completed projects

With our unsurpassed passion for excellence, high accuracy, and responsive customer support, we have completed a staggering projects for customers across the globe.


Dedicated Transcribers

Buoyed up by committed 800+Certified Transcribers, we’re overly keen on the quality level of our transcriptions to ensure they’re geared towards achieving your business goals. Accordingly, we’ve lined up some of the industry’s top-rated transcribers.


NDA Agreements

Customer privacy is a sacrosanct right that’s always observed at our company. Our transcribers are bound by an inviolable non-disclosure stipulation to safeguard your sensitive details and financial data.


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